Floor Cleaner


  • Removes dirt and grime from floor surfaces
  • Powerful, yet biodegradable
  • Suitable on most floor surfaces including vinyl, sealed laminate, sealed wood, linoleum and glazed tile floors
  • Leaves surfaces clean, visibly shiny and smelling fresh
  • Lavender fragrance

Using a bottle: 1 ECO CAPSULE in 750 ml of water

(for heavy soiled floor surfaces)

Using a bucket: 1 ECO CAPSULE in 5 to 8 litres of water

(for normal soiled floor surfaces)

Insert one eco capsule (DO NOT TEAR OR CUT) into an empty bottle or bucket. Fill with water. Shake the bottle or stir the content of the bucket – watch the eco capsule dissolve – the product is then ready to use.

The products are fully soluble and stable regardless of the hardness of water.

Box Name No. of Capsules
Industrial 50
Wolf Formulations Limited
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