Dual Degreaser


  • Suitable for use on stainless steel and other kitchen surfaces, cooker hoods, oven trays or cookware and grills
  •  Removes stubborn and baked on grease
  •  Leaves the surface looking renewed, clean and shiny
  •  No aggressive solvents; water based cleaner – very low in VOC’s
  • Juicy orange fragrance

1 ECO CAPSULE in 750 ml of water

Insert one eco capsule (DO NOT TEAR OR CUT) into an empty bottle. Fill with water. Shake the bottle – watch the eco capsule dissolve – the product is then ready to use.

The products are fully soluble and stable regardless of the hardness of water.

Box Name No. of Capsules
Flexible 8 + 8
Industrial 40 + 40
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