MAX-CLEAN eco capsules are efficient, economical and environmentally friendly green cleaning products. Refill eco capsules eliminate the need for purchasing new bottles every time your cleaning product runs out. They have all the cleaning power of your usual cleaning products whilst also protecting the user. They leave surfaces clean, shiny and smelling fresh. The eco capsules are eco friendly and 100% water soluble. All our green cleaning products are laboratory tested against our competitors, to prove we perform alongside the best, whilst taking good care of the environment.

Less waste

Our refilling system is way better for the environment than recycling, and it’s easier and hassle-free too. The concept of eco capsules replaces disposable spray bottles in favour of sustainable and reusable packaging that can be refilled.

Minimum Mess

Refilling a trigger spray bottle involves no pouring and no mess, you just pop an eco capsule into a bottle. Once in contact with water, the eco capsule dissolves and you have a green cleaning solution ready to use. The household products are fully soluble and stable regardless of the hardness of water.

Safe and Easy to Use

The consumer is not in contact with the cleaning product at any time, just take an eco capsule (no cutting, tearing or piercing required) and add simply and safely into the empty bottle. Nothing to cut, nothing to measure out, the eco capsules contain the correct dose for a 750 ml bottle.

Great value

Compared to standard ready-to-use cleaning products available in retail, our range of highly concentrated green cleaning solutions packed in water soluble eco capsules offer unbeatable value.

Lower CO2 emissions

Since our green cleaning products don’t contain water, they are up to 95% less bulky than our competitors and are light to carry. It means also hugely reduced CO2 emissions.

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