Window & Glass cleaner

“Crystal clear without the smear!”

  • Streak free window cleaning
  • Fast drying formulation
  • Antistatic technology keeps surfaces clean for longer
  • Fragrance free
  • Each capsule provides 750 ml of ready to use cleaner

1 ECO CAPSULE in 750 ml of water.

Insert one eco capsule (DO NOT TEAR OR CUT) into an empty bottle. Fill with water. Shake the bottle – watch the eco capsule dissolve – the product is then ready to use.

The products are fully soluble and stable regardless of the hardness of water.

Product Image Capsule size Capsules Carton
Clamshell 9 ml 3caps/pack 48packs/carton
Introductory Offer (empty bottle included) 9 ml 3caps/pack 12packs/carton
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