Our Team

Max Wolf


Max has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the chemical industry. He has already spent 40 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, and is the 5th generation of a family specialising in surfactants / cleaning products for the personal and household care sectors.

Iain Dunsmore

Managing Director

Iain joined our team in 2019 and is responsible for the company’s sales and marketing operations. Prior to joining our team, Iain was the Senior Account Manager for a well known multi national company of FMCG goods and has a strong background in commercial sales and marketing.

Dr Jacorien Gabrielli

Technical Manager

Jacorien, with a PhD in Chemistry, joined our team in February 2015 and is responsible for managing all research & development activities and other technical matters of the company.

Dr Rosa Ladera Gallardo

Administrative Manager

Rosa, with a background in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Chemistry, joined our team in November 2015 and is responsible for managing all administrative matters of the company.

Pantelis Provatidis

Principal Research Scientist

Pantelis, a Chemistry graduate with an MSc in Food & Drink Innovation, joined our team in June 2019. Pantelis plays a key role in product testing and development.