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Environmental values

At Wolf Formulations Ltd we believe that small changes can have large impacts, and that helping our environment shouldn’t cost the earth. With our planet drowning in plastic, we all need to take drastic action to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Of these, REUSING helps contribute to a more sustainable way of life by REDUCING waste. 
Our eco capsule refill system is not only focused on reducing plastic waste, but also on using “cleaner” ingredients. We carefully select only readily biodegradable ingredients that are highly effective, even at low dose, to minimise their environmental impact.  These ingredients are then encapsulated in a fully water-soluble, readily biodegradable and non-toxic PVA film. When in contact with water, this PVA film fully and rapidly dissolved into its smallest molecular entities. These non-toxic molecules are rapidly broken down in the environment by naturally occurring bacteria and does not contribute to microplastics or pose any risk to marine life.  
As our eco capsules are small to transport and store and virtually water-free, they also dramatically reduce the carbon footprint related to transport and water redistribution.
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Why not help us care for our planet –  join the cleaning revolution today!