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Environmental values

Recycling is an important contribution to conservation and waste reduction, but refilling is consistently shown to be more effective at reducing waste and contributing to the environment. At Wolf Formulations Ltd we are very passionate about the development of innovative green cleaning products that are not only biodegradable but also enable consumers to reduce waste.
The development and formulation of super concentrated refill eco capsules makes Wolf Formulations Ltd one of the leaders in recyclable and re-usable technology, with cleaning products that allow for the reuse of plastic containers such as trigger spray bottles. Through continuous research, we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to improve and reduce the environmental impact of our cleaning products without compromising on performance.
The just add water eco capsule system is a truly revolutionary cleaning concept that reduces the carbon footprint related to transport and distribution, recycling and water redistribution.
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Why not help us care for our planet –  join the cleaning revolution today!