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About Us

Wolf Formulations Limited as a company is focused on developing and manufacturing innovative, easy to use and eco friendly cleaning products that are providing great value to its users. We have launched a revolutionary new range of green cleaning products which are designed with a practical single dose water soluble eco capsule concept. The green cleaning products have been developed to offer complete cleaning solutions for household, motor vehicle and professional environments. Our company, with its experienced team, has links to the cleaning and hygiene industries going right back to 1825. The Chief Executive is the fifth generation of a family that has manufactured and marketed personal and household cleaning products with a reputation for innovation and creativity.
We sell to local distributors, retail outlets (supplying to household and automotive care outlets) and to distributors for the commercial, industrial, and hospitality sectors. From an operational point of view, Wolf Formulations Limited is structured to focus on three business sectors: Household, Car Care and Professional Cleaning.

Main activities:

Our Household cleaning products are for people that shop at large-scale retail stores, retail discount stores and retail dealers (wholesalers, distributors) providing rapid and effective solutions to everyday house cleaning issues.
Our Car Care cleaning products are targeted at car owners looking for convenient and effective car cleaning products. We address this channel via petrol stations, automatic car washes, the large-scale retail stores, specialised stores and retail dealers (wholesalers, distributors) providing convenient and effective solutions to car cleaning.
Wolf Formulations provides Professional Cleaning companies with a wide range of effective green cleaning products. Our cleaning products are intended for the users specialised in hotel, restaurant, canteen, office, school, supermarket, hospital, laundry and industrial and institutional cleaning.
We offer product development / formulation support to suppliers of cleaning products to the above sectors, to help them deliver innovative cleaning products to their customers with the assistance of technical expertise and experience of highly concentrated cleaning systems. In addition, we offer a full private label service alternative.